• Art Fair - GALLERY KASSI TOKYO will participate in ART STAGE SINGAPORE 2018 the annual art fair held from January 25th until 28th at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center in Singapore. For more information please click here.

about us

Isetan Mitsukoshi Fine Arts

Founded in the heart of Tokyo, Nihombashi in 1907, Mitsukoshi Fine Arts is the Japan’s first and leading art gallery/dealer presenting modern and contemporary fine art, consulting individuals, museums and organizations to build their collections of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, lacquer, glass and metal works. Since it started operating jointly with Isetan in 2011, it has mounted numerous exhibitions by both established and emerging artists.


A newly launched art gallery division is specialized in contemporary works by influential Japanese artists, and introducing emerging artists in various media to the international art scene. The name KASSI was taken from Japanese term, kashi which refers to a warehouse or a marketplace in where trading goods are gathered and exchanged. Its mission is to play a pivotal role in the stimulation of artists and collectors, art fans and enthusiasts to build a vibrant relationship.