Regarding Health and Safety Measures and Requests to Customers Concerning COVID-19

We will outline our store's measures and requests to customers for preventing the further spread of COVID-19 below.
We kindly ask for your understanding at this time.

1. In store measures

(1) Regular disinfection of places of hand contact in store facilities such as entrances and exits, escalators, and elevators, and in store equipment such as shopping baskets and carts.
(2) Displaying queue markers for customers to maintain a fixed distance between one another in areas with high expected footfall and near registers.
(3) Installation of clear sheeting to prevent droplet infection, principally around food and drink products and main payment counters.

2. Staff measures

(1) Body temperature checks for all staff prior to shifts, daily health monitoring.
(2) Wearing a face mask without fail when encountering customers, being mindful of face-to-face interactions and maintaining distance with customers.
(3) Disinfecting hands after each interaction with a customer.

3. Requests to customers

(1) Please wear a face mask in store, and upon entering the store, disinfect your hands with the alcohol disinfectant provided.
*We will refuse entry to any customers not wearing a face mask.
(2) We will refuse entry to any customers with a body temperature of 37.5°C or over, or who feel unwell.
(3) Please maintain social distancing on escalators, elevators, and near registers.